Cancun, The Rising Mexican Paradise

The urbanization of Cancun has been expanding since the late 1970s. The creation of Cancun into becoming a tourist site has been a great benefit to its economy and surroundings. Cancun in the 1960s was once the most unhealthy, remote, and uneducated regions in Mexico. It once had very few roads and no airport.

Since the late 1970s, the tourist industry took advantage of the bays, freshwater springs, lagoons, sand dunes, rocky areas, and beautiful white sand beaches.

Tourism began when it was Mexico’s economic crisis in the 1960s. The Mexican government enforced the ideology of public attraction. The government encouraged the region to start the large public construction and took complementary measures to attract foreign and national investment. It was done with the idea that megaprojects would bring modernization to rural areas through their interaction into the international market.

Here is a quick timelapse of Cancun’s expansion for the past years.




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